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Our Mission

"Empower clients to achieve the best possible outcomes during their career transitions and permanently change their outlook on career management."
Career Transitions Unlimited is your one-stop shop. Here we can help you with all your career issues, entrepreneurship, and alignment with your life's purpose. We can help you achieve success by being able to freely bloom in whatever endeavor that you chose, using your own inner powers you didn't even know that you possessed! We can even help you identify what path you should follow to achieve success; if you have already chosen a path we'll show you how to succeed at it.

For access to highly talked-about articles, free resources, up-to-date event listings, and a Forum, visit our companion Website: www.Dilipsaraf.com  This newer Website is much more up-to-date!

To be successful in your career or venture, it is hard to separate your personal life from what you do—your professional life; they are inseparable! CTU provides coaching to synergize your life with your calling so that you can lead a joyous life and achieve success in what you pursue!

Our Approach is based on a ground-breaking book,  The 7 Keys to a Dream Job: A Career Nirvana Playbook!, by its founder, career and life coach, Dilip Saraf (Ranked #1  as an Executive Coach on LinkedIn from among a global list of over 500 coaches). This pioneering book has resulted in the publication of many other titles that are listed on the Our Store page. In career matters we can help you in ways that you did not even imagine. Here’s why:

Career transitions are not the only times when one needs help. Getting the most out of a current situation or succeeding in whatever it is that beckons, often requires a fresh perspective. A tough job market and a rapidly shifting economy abound with exciting opportunities, not visible to most. Then there are those who maunder through life, often aimlessly, wondering about their purpose, feeling paralyzed by the flux, often surrendering to their reality. Many mid-career professionals also suddenly awaken to a spiritual, emotional, financial, or identity crisis rooted in their job or career. We have helped these clients transform this awakening into a new calling, re-igniting their purpose.

So, what is the cornerstone of CTU's approach? Helping you discover your inner genius! We all have some uniqueness about us and it is our genius that makes us unique. It emanates from some awesome primordial force, hidden within our consciousness, which normally lies dormant and unnoticed, but which can suddenly irrupt into the conscious mind and can produce the most unexpected results. The centerpiece of CTU's approach to career transition is this discovery of your genius and the creation of a verbal brand around it to show your true value proposition. Once your genius is exposed, you'll behave very differently in how you go about what you do because it re-defines who you really are! This discovery now transforms your message from what you have done to who you are, and, this is magical!

If you feel lost in your career and feel that you need an experienced mentor to help you navigate through life's challenges, we can help you with that, too! Nearly 70% of the clients who originally came for career help, ended up continuing their engagements in a mentor/mentee relationship. Most of the rest come back when they need help again at a later time, some, years later!

If you are not sure about your own situation in your job (or career), go ahead and take this Self-scoring Test!   

If you are thinking about taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, instead, take this Self-scoring Test! You may also want to see this short video clip of Dilip's interview at TiECon-2007 (the worlds largest entrepreneurial conference held in the Silicon Valley annually) on this topic by clicking Here.

At TiECon-2008 Dilip chaired a panel on Social Entrepreneurship. As a career coach, he was interviewed for TiECon, and his interview appears here. He also interviewed Jessica Jackley Flannery, co-founder of Kiva, a microfinance organization that has been the buzz of the new industry, and that interview can be viewed by clicking this link.

Dilip presented his views on managing your career as an entrepreneur in keeping with the event's ethos at TiECon-2009. His bootcamp message was covered in the media.

An audio interview (25 mins) with Dilip following the TiECon-2007 Panel that he moderated is posted on this Website. This interview captures Dilip's philosophy and his approach to client re-invention. To download or listen click Interview

At the Pan-IIT Meet (2007) in Santa Clara, CA, Dilip moderated a panel titled Engineer as a Leader. This panel followed keynotes by Jeffrey Immelt of GE and Arun Sarin of Vodaphone. This interview captures how Dilip guides his clients through their leadership challenges. Click Interview (part-1). If you want to listen to part-2, please click here. Each segment is about 12 minutes.

If you think that you have lost your ability to dream, let's work with you to show how easy it is to bring dreams back in your life to enliven your existence, with even bigger dreams! We'll also show you how to make them a reality, this time around! The interesting thing about dreams most people do not understand is that dreaming big takes the same effort as it does dreaming smaller dreams! The other little known fact is that when you are aligned with your purpose, your dream chases you, not the other way around, as most do. Just try it! The word "pursue" when it comes to realizing your dream does not mean chasing your dream; here "pursue" means to attract, to practice!

Most professionals need reminding that a typical career has three phases: the first phase lasts about 10-15 years after graduation, where they are making a name for themselves, working hard; the second phase starts in their mid-career, when they are in their 40s, where they need to set parameters around their work-life; the final stage is when they are about 15 years away from retirement, where they feel compelled to leave their legacy. Now, when transitioning a job or career at any of these stages, wouldn't you rather do it right, than do it by trial and error? Since such transition points are typically years apart, how are you going to be current with what works, because the job market is so dynamic?!

Many mid-career professionals (Ages 35-45) often take a detour and pursue an advanced degree to fortify their career, soon to realize that the options that exists after they have their new degree overwhelm—even paralyze—them! Why? With the newly-minted degree and their immediate professional experience they think that they should be able to pursue myriad possibilities. This often requires a careful re-analysis. We have helped many new MBAs, JDs, and other new-degree holders in their mid-careers to re-channel how they need to move forward!

During one of these transition points, too, that it is not uncommon for professionals to be facing a choice between a lucrative offer and a juicy prospect for your own venture. CTU will help you sort through the options and help you bring clarity to your final choice and will help you stay on track with your life's mission.

If you want to ignite or re-ignite your career it is time you checked us out! Just take a look at our five books that emerged from reinventing many clients by transforming their Jurassic mindsets during these turbulent times and the reviews on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble Websites. Also check out the named endorsements on LinkedIn and the Success Stories page. To get a sampling of Dilip Saraf's authorship in career/life matters, please read his numerous postings on www.dilipsaraf.com -a more current website:

Why CTU?

bulletPractice based entirely on how to succeed in today's dynamic environment, which requires a new mindset!
bulletCareer and job coaching for those who feel that they need an edge to thrive in today's corporate world (see the titles published on the Books page).

bulletProven approaches to identifying your dream job and then claiming it, even if the job does not exist.

bulletClients range from CEOs to administrative staff in all industries, including entrepreneurs (see Upcoming Events

bulletCTU helps you develop your powerful message not based on what you did, but based on who you are!

bulletA radically different approach to résumés/letters and running your entire campaign; a CTU's signature 

bulletCTU can help you identify a non-existing opportunity and then claim it. Yes, in your dream company or business

bulletImpressive track record with nearly 3,000 clients, including immigrants, fresh graduates, CEOs, entrepreneurs, mid-career professionals, and baby boomers
bulletProven expertise in senior executive transitions, including compensation, severance packages, job alignment, and transitional coaching

bulletCTU helps you unblock and shows you how to pursue your dream; CTU has helped many client re-inventions

bulletKeen awareness of international cultures and  career, job, and transitional challenges resulting from these cultures

Some Differentiators:

bulletYou do not need an open position to go after the job you want
bulletYou do not need to be performing poorly to lose your current job; find out how job and career coaching can help!

bulletYou do not need a company to be hiring to get hired; you do not need a track record to pursue a new venture

bulletFor an open position, learn how to become a must-hire candidate

bulletIf you are changing careers or industry, learn how to repackage yourself to get hired

bulletNegotiate what you deserve. Quickly create options to leverage your positioning

bulletWorking collaboratively, you will feel empowered in just a few sessions to transform your campaign

bulletEasy-to-use books, pointed guidance, structured methodology, and tools allow clients to go on their own quickly to acquire a life skill, whether out and looking, working but feeling uneasy, or just feeling lost in your life's pursuit!

Some Reminders:

bulletIf your current work situation is unsettling, it is not too late to remedy what might have gone awry and to fix it
bulletJob and career transitions are emotional times; you need expert support trying out new avenues

bulletA strong and compelling value message is central to a good transition

bulletObjective and intriguing messages (résumés, business plans, and letters) are critical to success

bulletA good positioning defines your entire campaign right from the first phone call

bulletPositioning based on your inner gifts (genius) is difficult for most; most struggle articulating their inner voice

bulletMost need help objectifying and then owning their genius in a differentiated message, but without looking arrogant

If after reading this far, you're still feeling down, lost, or are feeling hopeless, just watch this Inspirational Clip  (You do not need to subscribe to the Newsletter they are offering at the end). If you do not see the inspiring text messages in each beautiful scene of this clip, please try another browser. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and find out how easy it is to discover yourself and come out of that space of welter and uncertainty to get on a confident path and move with clarity and certainty. If you are currently working and are suffering from career woes, running a business without enjoying what you do, or simply feeling lost, it is time to explore your options. The small investment you many make will change your existence; you will also learn a life skill in the process!



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