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“CTU’s offerings are the most valuable career services that I have seen, having worked with three other career counselors elsewhere. Its approach is so potent that once you internalize what they tell you, the outcomes are almost immediate.” --A client.

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This section showcases our offerings with prices and descriptions for an easy transaction. Before making any purchases please contact Dilip Saraf: Dilip@dilipsaraf.com

If you want to engage Dilip as your coach, please first fill out the Client Intake Questionnaire. Please contact Dilip and ask it to be emailed to you. Once completed, please email it back with your résumé to Dilip 

For making payments using Dilip@dilipsaraf.com  as the email address will get the fastest response.

We also accept checks, money orders, and other negotiable means for a commercial transaction such as BillPay through your bank. All funds must be in US Dollars. Allow time to process your order when using these modes. Even ePay through PayPal can take time. Credit card payment is the fastest and most secure way after we send you our invoice for payment.

Important: Please DO NOT go to PayPal if you want to attend an announced event. Because of the class size, calling first to check is always a good idea. (510) 791-7005. For sponsored events, please follow sponsor directions. Thanks!







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