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“What prompted our working with CTU was their conviction that typical organization underutilizes its human capital. After we started working with CTU on how to effectively leverage our employees’ leadership potential through their innate gifts, we did not believe how underutilized our own human resources were. CTU’s individual discovery process and its coaching of our employees have helped us enormously in our competitive positioning.” --An HR director of a high-tech company
For most businesses, these are challenging times. To build business momentum, business leaders must find innovative avenues to provide leadership in ways that they have not before. CTU provides consulting in both organizational and business domains so that executive leadership can leverage its resources to create effective outcomes.

Organizational Consulting

One promising area of opportunity is managerial leadership in these turbulent times. As individuals get promoted to managers, few feel equipped to the challenge. Their success depends upon, not just knowing about the management process, but also upon how to handle future career opportunities, and how to look at the process of career management. Most organizations do not have a formal career management program for budding or even middle managers. The second area of opportunity in a business is managing change. CTU offers the following services to corporate clients to help them in each of the areas:

Career Management Services
Working with senior executives and the organization's leadership development agenda, CTU provides a variety of services to corporate clients. The main focus of these services is to install a formal career transition management process for promising individuals and to develop an environment, where employees begin to trust the leadership development plans. This trust, in turn, results in a greater degree of commitment to their employer. Research has shown that express and early interest in a promising career can dramatically change how employees view opportunities and their future inside an organization. In this precarious era of wholesale and unpredictable layoffs, this single factor can help employees manage their anxiety around such possibilities because they will be better equipped to face the uncertain times.
Change Management

CTU provides specific consulting services for leading organizational change as well as managing individual career transitions as employees get promoted to positions of greater responsibilities.

Leadership Coaching

CTU staff is skilled at working with individuals, including executives, and providing coaching to increase leadership effectiveness. This service covers from making assessments to identifying specific needs, to remedial coaching.

Business Consulting

A range of business consulting services is available through the skilled CTU staff and its alliance partners:

Vision and Strategy

Working with executive leadership, CTU consultant will develop organizational vision and implement a process for creating alignment across the entire organization to translate the vision into an unstoppable leadership force to create an exceptional customer experience.

Managerial Effectiveness

Many managers transition into their jobs right out of their technical specialty. The spot training to learn how to manage needs to go beyond what is offered in most in-house curricula. We have several avenues to review what each one needs and provide tools to make their transitions smooth and effective. We also do this for senior managers and for a group of managers.

Business Effectiveness

Using collaborative approaches and cutting-edge tools, consultants diagnose problem areas and define specific solutions to increase overall business effectiveness demonstrated by sustained growth, profitability, brand reach, and franchise expansion.


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