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“Until I started working with Dilip Saraf, I did not even realize that a resume was not about yesterday and it was not about you! Using his highly impactful resume template, I was able to break through and showcase my genius in ways I had never consciously thought about, but somehow always suspected. This breakthrough allowed me to make a forward-looking resume, inspiring me to frame my message focused on the target opportunity and not on me.” --A CTU client
Individual services are offered to help clients make effective career transitions, regardless of their reason. From the unemployed to the retired planning to go back into the workforce, to those trying to leverage their career momentum into something worthwhile, to the freshly-minted graduate, each has a unique need during these transitions. CTU provides its clients guidance and support to create an accelerated outcome that is both exceptional and effective. Our service offerings are based on your needs. Most of the services we provide are customized, without charging you a custom rate, so if you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call. Visit Our Store to see a sampling of our services and products.

Career Counseling

This is the first step in an engagement and there are a variety of avenues to get started. CTU has identified 14 categories of transition needs for clients (from the Unemployed to the Fresh Graduates), each with  a different starting point and has a unique need. Although some needs are common across a category of clients, each benefits from a different intervention beyond this general need. Additionally, each client has a pace of working with which they feel comfortable. CTU works collaboratively to deliver cost-effective solutions in each case. If finances are limited, we'll work with you to give you the most-needed boost at a price that you can afford; you simply cannot afford to continue doing what is not working, hoping that eventually it would work. In such cases the opportunity cost is enormous and the emotional toll, incalculable. A battered psyche is your worst enemy!

The same holds true for entrepreneurs and business owners/consultants. Dilip Saraf, CTU founder, has owned three highly successful businesses, which he also founded. He regularly speaks at entrepreneurial events. Each of his books is grounded in "interpreneurial" philosophy based on his career and business experiences. We will help you in areas from identifying your venture to marketing it successfully to growing it in ways that fit your needs.  

Resume Preparation

In a private or group setting CTU offers services to prepare resumes based on client needs. CTU recognizes the power of a well-crafted resume. In a tough market, merely having a strong resume is not enough! It needs to carry a message whose power is impregnable and the one that resonates with the target's needs. It must move its reader to act; without delay!

The process of writing resume using the CTU template is transforming. Many have told us how energized and different they feel, after using this approach to resume writing. The CTU design disabuses the most common resume myths through a unique template and a companion article: The Resume Design. This talked-about template evolved by vetting the original design over a period of three years during the worst job draught in an area most affected by job losses—the Silicon Valley. The resulting resumes have energized the most diehard skeptics! Even for those whose campaigns are languishing, a fresh approach to redoing their resume using this design can jump-start their tired search! A variety of CTU offerings are available, both as products and services to help clients get the best resume out of their efforts.

Marketing Plan/Business Plan

Once the resume is complete, a comprehensive marketing plan is critical to any job-search campaign, regardless of the market. CTU helps its clients with the marketing plan development and in its execution.

To those pursuing a business or entrepreneurial venture a solid business plan is a must. In a new business misdirected resources are your worst enemy; trial and error your worst strategy! The same is true of established enterprises that are stagnant or that have not reached their true potential. We will help you grow beyond your vision and imagination.

Transition Coaching

Career Transitions are emotional times, and clients need help, not just with their search campaign, but also with emotionally dealing with the flux of experiences through this difficult journey. CTU offers a variety of coaching packages to suit almost every budget, and avenues that include face-to-face, telephone, email, and chat-room modalities. Check out the following PDF's:  Job Coach and Selecting a Coach. Each of these write-ups has a self-test for you to evaluate if you could benefit from having your own coach during your transition. Go ahead; at least see what factors are critical in a successful outcome!

Career Fitness Coaching

Staying at the top of your game is a challenge in any economy. Letting your career sail on its own momentum is a mistake many make, only to realize that they might have done things differently if they had anticipated what option they had to manage it better. Some even naively believe that their manager is spending time worrying about their career. We provide coaching services for those who want to get the most out of their profession. These services include making an assessment of where you are and what you can do to change for the better, even if you currently have a great job! Check out the following PDF:  Career Coach. Take the self-test to assess if you could benefit from a career coach.

Workshops, Seminars, and Roundtables

Here is a complete list of our Workshops.

We will post our most current offerings on Upcoming Events page. Visit it often!

Our clients are those who typically are (Partial list):

bulletOut-of-work employees
bulletThose looking for a change
bulletBudding entrepreneurs
bulletIndependent business owners/consultants
bulletSeeking to change careers
bulletFresh Graduates
bulletFacing job-related issues
bulletExploring alternate opportunities
bulletDiscovering themselves; unfulfilled
bulletThose about to abandon looking!
bulletBaby boomers unwilling to retire

We work with clients from all levels of skills and positions: from individual contributors to CEOs and anyone in between and in all industries! 



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