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“The most energizing thing about CTU’s approach is how quickly you 'discover' your true self, articulate your genius, as your Unique Skill, and present it in your résumé without off-putting its reader. I was initially wary of doing yet another résumé after signing up. I did not just end up with another résumé, but the process of creating it transformed me! This was the real reward; the résumé was merely a by-product.  This process allows you to differentiate yourself from the pack. The résumé's storytelling approach makes your résumé sparkle! With many handy tools and examples CTU has made it easy for anyone to make their résumé stand out from the crowd. And, it is not just the résumé, but it is more how you feel when you are done with it and carry that confidence in your search.” --A client testimonial

How we work

Each client has a unique need. We work individually using our dynamic framework and a process that have been proven in one of the toughest markets in remembered history (see our Success Stories). Regardless of the market conditions, every client just needs one right job. After doing some preliminaries, we'll quickly show you how to converge on a dream opportunity, and then go for it. This means helping you get into a company that you choose, even if there is no open position. If a position exists and you do not meet all the job requirements, we will show you how to beat the competition and make the final cut. 

The thrust of our approach is differentiation. This is achieved by helping you tap deep within yourself and discovering your genius, which we all have. Then we show how to differentiate yourself in every step of the job-search campaign, starting with the Positioning Statement and resume. Throughout this transition process, you are in charge! Once you know the approach, you will wonder why you limited yourself in your own success with the things you did, using all the methods that are now fossil that most still use in their job search and career management today! Your dream comes true when there is alignment between your genius and the way you create value for the employer and it is appreciated. 

We have also helped countless professionals, including fresh graduates, minorities, and those with multi-cultural backgrounds, who face obstacles, discover their true value and showed them how to articulate and present it inside their own company with confidence, by dealing with the "glass ceiling" and showing innovative ways to break it. 

Contact us at (510) 791-7005 or email us at: Dilip@7keys.org OR Dilip@dilipsaraf.com


The following is a thumbnail of CTU principals. In addition, CTU maintains a cadre staff and administrative support in geographies throughout the world. For corporate services CTU collaborates with many well-known consulting organizations to enhance client value and engagement depth and breadth.

Dilip G. Saraf

Many of the innovations CTU espouses were pioneered by Dilip during his work with clients in the Silicon Valley and globally, during the Valley's worst job drought. After graduating from IIT-Bombay and Stanford with degrees in engineering, Dilip worked in the Silicon Valley as a technologist, leaving the corporate world as head of engineering of a high-tech company with $2B in sales to start his own consulting company. Dilip has changed four careers, from engineering, to technology consulting, to marketing, to being a leadership development professional.

Being an author, a career counselor and executive/life coach is his fifth career. Dilip holds two patents in biomedical devices, has several publications to his credit, including two in the Harvard Business Review, and five books. His first, The 7 Keys to a Dream Job: A Career Nirvana Playbook!, addresses the needs of those in career transition; his second, Reinvention Through Messaging: The Write Message for the Right Job!, provides novel ways to develop a communication process that blows your competition away, giving many examples of how this is done; his third, Pathways to Career Nirvana: An Ultimate Success Sourcebook, is a pioneering book with a comprehensive yet intuitive career management framework that is actionable. Dilip's fourth book, Rehired, not Retired: Proven Strategies for the Baby Boomers!, deals with the issue faced by retiring baby boomers with insufficient protection for a robust retirement. His fifth book, Conquering Your Workplace: From Mail Room to Board Room, A Sourcebook for Today's Workforce!, deals with how to succeed in the corporate world today.

During the job market shift that started in 2001 and to date, Dilip has worked with over 3,000 clients throughout the world. He has appeared on CNN Headline News/Comcast Local Edition interviews, in San Francisco Chronicle, and other media. Dilip is a frequent invited speaker and guest presenter at many events and conferences. Dilip also teaches at the University of California, Santa Cruz Extension, two courses on Career Management. He chairs the Career Resource Center at the India Community Center in Milpitas, CA.  

Dilip tops the global list of 500 career coaches on LinkedIn for client endorsements.  (Go to Services tab on LinkedIn). For Dilip's LinkedIn recommendations  click here

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Dr. Robb Most

As the founding principal of Mind Garden, a leadership and career success consulting boutique in Redwood City, CA, Robb has pioneered and authored several assessment and development tools to help professionals deal with career and leadership growth issues. Many of Robb's tools are well known and are used throughout the industry.

Dr. Bonnie Schoenfelder

Bonnie is the founding principal of LeaderVenture, an organizational development and leadership coaching consulting boutique. Prior to this Bonnie has worked with several Fortune-500 companies as an HR executive and development specialist for over 20 years in a variety of areas.

Jace Overgaauw

Jace brings many years of organizational development experience as it relates to individual careers in professional settings and how to help people in organizations reach their full potential during their career pursuits. Jace has done extensive work in managerial effectiveness and has designed and delivered several leadership development programs during the past two decades.


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