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“What lies before and ahead of us are tiny compared to what lies within us.” --Ralph Waldo Emerson


This Section documents clients' first-hand experiences. They include some compelling vignettes of successes using CTU's unique approach, as well as client feedback. In each case, CTU staff played a major role in coaching the clients with specific actions. A more complete and comprehensive compilation of client successes is included in Dilip Saraf's book: The 7 Keys to a Dream Job: A Career Nirvana Playbook! Some client names appear as initials or without affiliation at their request.


bulletA hands-on engineer, Walt, was looking at Apple Computer as his “A” company, which was not hiring then. After doing some research, Walt found an angle with which to approach Apple CEO Steve Jobs, writing him a letter. Within a few days, Walt received a personal request to forward his resume to Mr. Jobs, followed by an interview.

bulletVictor, a mechanical engineer, received an offer from a company too far for him to commute. Lockheed was his dream company, but did not have any openings for his specialty. After doing some research, Victor found the right department and left a message to the hiring manager as to why they should need him. Within a week Victor was offered a job, which he accepted.

bulletAfter ten years in high-tech as a crack software developer, Sally felt burnt out and decided to go back to her childhood passion: working with wild and exotic animals placed in a zoo. With no experience in that domain, Sally decided to identify how the entire Zoo, as an enterprise, could benefit from technology and made a proposal to the Director. Within a month Sally was seen working at the Oakland Zoo!

bulletPradeep was on the short list of finalists as an IT director for a major health-care provider. CTU's coaching on issues that had less to do with technology, but more with how CIOs need to look at IT's emerging role in health-care industry gave Pradeep the edge he needed to bag the job!

bulletSony was an “A” target for Kris. One division, where Kris had interest, was hiring only entry-level engineers. With 35 years' experience, Kris adopted an approach that entailed doing specific product research and then sending a letter with an idea, without his resume. Within a week Kris was invited for an interview.

bulletRay switched from real-estate development to high-tech in the late '80s, only to encounter ups and downs of the industry, and after the dot-com implosion, came to realize that his advancing age and the downward spiral of earnings made him uneasy to continue in that field. He yearned to go back into real-estate but felt out of touch. Leveraging his high-tech business development and marketing experience, Ray was able to develop a message that excited his prospects in commercial real-estate development. Within weeks Ray was offered a very attractive package to start his "new" career.

bulletAfter looking to get reemployed for nearly a year, Sally was excited about a job as senior director of marketing. Although her offer of $112K annual salary plus perks was competitive, Sally felt she needed to negotiate. Using proven methods and coaching, Sally received a revised offer of $155K within two weeks!

bulletAfter "retiring" at 59 as a CFO, Sam wanted to continue working in a more meaningful way, preferably as a leader of a non-profit that had an entrepreneurial spirit. Using a process that CTU has successfully used, Sam reinvented himself and was offered the position from a crowded pool of some 30 world-class contenders as an executive director of a global organization that helps entrepreneurs worldwide. Sam not only got a package that he was looking for, but in addition was able to negotiate some special "perks" as well!
bulletLarry worked for a start-up hoping that it would take off. After toiling for three years and working many long hours, Larry realized that the company would have to shut down operations. Despite his being a key player in it, Larry had resigned himself to walking away, looking to get back in high-tech as a software architect. He had not considered another option: becoming a part of the IP that his company was planning to sell to a major player in the same technology space. Making a resume and then going back to his employer, Larry was able to secure a package that  became unstoppable. Just a few weeks' back a similar proposal would have been unthinkable!



"As a founder of two successful start-ups, I felt that getting back into the corporate world would be fun. When I started exploring, despite my extensive network, I was left with a profound sense of unease! Dilip’s approach to career coaching transformed my view of life itself. I found a golden path to my dream career within 90 days. Dilip’s magic touch brought out the genius hidden in my bio." --Shankar Hemmady, Product Management Executive, Cadence Systems


"Dilip’s workshop completely transformed my career enhancement outlook. Now I know how to present myself for my dream job. As a result of the workshop, my confidence level is so high that instead of looking for just “a better opportunity”, I am aiming for an opportunity that represents my true capabilities. I very strongly recommend to everyone to avail themselves of any opportunity to learn from Dilip how to look at themselves. He transforms you; he is absolutely the best career and life coach." Yash Shitoot,  software engineer


"I attended Dilip's Two-day workshop in September 2005. Although I have not had the reason to look for a job (thankfully!), I decided to prepare myself for such an eventuality. Dilip's entire approach is so different and powerful that after completing the workshop I was simply blown away by how much there is to know and learn in today's climate to differentiate yourself. His workshop demystified things in ways that completely changed my view about job and career transitions. For what he delivers, he charges way too little for such a high-value workshop in every way."--Raj Shah, VP Engineering, a prominent high-tech company in Silicon Valley, CA


"Working with Dilip and using his book, my bottom line? I'd been doing an intensive job search the "old" way for nearly a year, getting nowhere. I'm a professional writer and communications expert, so it was particularly frustrating not being able to convey my value in a resume and cover letter. I came across this book, The 7 Keys, worked with Dilip, did exactly what the book said, and scored an incredibly perfect dream job within 90 days. Sounds like late-night TV blather, I know -- but it's true!"- Robin Woodland, Albany, CA


"I came across a dream job, but did not meet the requirements. Dilip showed me how to overcome those barriers and helped me get an interview. Although there were six fully qualified candidates ahead of me, I was the first to be offered this incredible job, following some unusual advice. I can't believe how well this works! -Carolyn Vargas, Fremont, CA.

bullet"Dilip and his team helped me position myself in ways I thought out of reach for me. Once I knew what my value statement was, and once I knew how to set my marketing campaign, looking for jobs and companies I was interested in, was actually fun. I found a job within a few months, just in time before I would have become out-of-status with my H1-B Visa." -Lin H.

bullet"Just attend one of the CTU workshops, it will transform you and how you think!" -Jim S.

bullet"Dilip Saraf has been a change catalyst in my career transition. He has helped transform my message as an experienced marketing manager. He is resourceful in client reinvention and in creatively identifying avenues to get to employers, and helping articulate client value in compelling messages. He is relentless in challenging and moving his clients to the next level of their potential." –S. Lim, Sunnyvale, CA.

bullet"After redoing my resume using the CTU approach, I got two job offers as an administrator for two major companies. The one I wanted, did not offer me enough, so Dilip Saraf and his team coached me on how to negotiate a better package. I had never negotiated in my life, and was scared to death to lose the offer I had, being near my retirement age. Using their techniques, I negotiated, and guess what, I got twice what I bargained for; I wanted $5,000 more and I ended up getting $10,000 more instead. Sweet!" -Carol E.

bullet"As someone already employed, I was looking for ways to advance my career and expand my thinking. So, I went to a one-day CTU workshop. This day transformed me in ways I cannot express. It changed completely my career outlook. I kept telling Dilip that he was just giving this away; he should charge a lot more for what he gives!" -Joseph Thomas, Senior Network Systems Engineer, Foundry Networks.

bullet"After attending the workshop, I kept working and on the lookout for new opportunities. It opened my eyes to what was possible and not merely what was doable. I wanted to break away from being an engineer to a Product Marketing Specialist. Using the workshop lessons, the inspirational methods, and stories from the book, The 7 Keys, I was able to present myself and get a terrific job as a Product Marketing Specialist within six months. My dream just came true." -Joseph Thomas, Product Marketing Specialist, Net Scalar, Inc.

bullet"I would have never thought that in this market (2001) it is possible to get into a company that was not only not hiring, but was actually laying people off! I was getting more and more frustrated with the way my search was going. No action! Using some new techniques I quickly realized that targeting a company of your dreams and then taking an unusual approach to getting its attention is easier than I thought possible. Now, I am working at my dream company in a dream job! Unbelievable!" -Khatri M.

bullet"Dilip helped me recently make a critical transition in my career, going from heading up a major operation of a well-known securities institution to landing as a senior executive and partner of a fast-growing, top-tier wealth-management financial services firm. Dilip's help from resume writing, to the final offer, was invaluable. What catalyzed this transition and impressed me the most was his unique ability to extract the critical and salient components of past experience and accomplishments, and then convert them into compelling messages that resonated with potential employers. This is his gift!" -Doug Heske, San Francisco, CA.

bullet"When I decided to pursue a pastoral appointment at the Old First Reformed Church of Christ in a major city on the East Coast, there were many factors that concerned me when it came to moving from my small-town congregation and my Midwest roots. I sought Dilip's help in this transition and, despite many competing candidates, following his coaching and using his book, The 7 Keys, I got an offer. I was afraid to negotiate that offer because the church was financially strapped and could not afford what I was looking for. Using Dilip's coaching and an approach that I was comfortable with, I was able to not only get what I wanted, but even more because how the final package got structured."-The Reverend Dr. M.S., Pastor., Philadelphia, PA.

bullet"I just landed as a CEO of a company. Using some of the techniques they (CTU) tell you about, I was able to negotiate my position, and now, I am doing what I like to do, and getting paid what I deserve!" -B. F. Saratoga, CA.

bullet"Coming out of the high-stress corporate world after 20 years of doing the same thing, I wanted to venture out and do something completely different. Interior design was my true passion. But to gain experience, I needed to compete for a coveted internship. Using Dilip's bold idea and a unique approach, I was selected by a major Madison Avenue designer within months. Dilip's support and creative guidance gave me the confidence to go for it!" -Carolyn Soto, Los Altos, CA (www.soto.com/design).

bullet"Going into Dilip's Two-day workshop, I thought I had a pretty good resume and a cover letter. That workshop completely changed my mind! I redid my resume per the template and wrote a letter based on Dilip's approach. Guess what? One company called me for an interview within six hours of sending a response! For months before, I had nothing; not even an acknowledgement! Now, I am working as office manager at a famous cardiologist's office, for Stanford University, my DREAM!" -Cheri Folena, Santa Cruz, CA.
bullet"After retiring from a pilot's job with nearly 35 years of flying for a major airline, I was too young to just idle for the rest of my life. As an ALPA union member I had done much work in the labor negotiations area and had helped the airline through its bankruptcy. I saw a job that was for an HR executive at a major organization, but had no clue even how to approach it. Dilip helped me "reinvent" myself and packaged my message using a language that intrigued the employer. I went through three rounds of interviews and currently am in the final list of candidates, fully hoping for a positive outcome. I could have never imagined how leveraging your genius and packaging your message in a different language works when making such a dramatic transition at my age!" -D.U., SF Bay Area
bullet"After being laid-off from a major high-tech company, having worked there for 17 years and looking at the industry's uncertainty, I decided to become an entrepreneur and start my own business. I had three ideas, each very different, but needed someone to guide me through a rigorous evaluation process and the minefield of starting a new enterprise. Dilip's help was invaluable, his having started and run three businesses, starting from vetting the market need, to developing a business plan, to how to financially structure the company. I am still a bit nervous but no longer scared to go ahead and take the plunge." -Ravi R., San Jose, CA.  


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